Benefits of Landscape Photography as Workplace Artwork

Wall Art for Business

There are many benefits to having landscape photography as wall art in the business environment.

  • Create a good first impression - Artwork in your reception or lobby will create a good first impression with visiting clients, customers or patients.
  • The right energy to a space - Artwork on the walls are a window on the world invigorates and inspires workers inside the space while also reducing stress and the anxiety that can become common place being inside all day. Artwork boosts morale
  • Boosts worker productivity and morale- Having landscape photography on the walls allows you to take a mini-vacation while staying in the office. When you need to think you can look to the artwork on the walls, drift way then come back refreshed and more productive… all in within a few moments and not having to leave your desk.
  • Supporting the Arts - Having artwork in your workplace is a great way to show that you support the art community. When the provided by a local artist it also increases the bond between your business and the local community.
  • Talking Point - Artwork on the wall of creates a talking point with new visitors to your work environment and corporate culture.
  • Add Life to a Dull Area - Unattractive hallways and utility areas are made more appealing by adding artwork to the walls.
My Photography
  • Detail - I always look for scenes that contain a lot of detail that can help make an image last. I love it when I make an image I can keep coming back to and seeing new details and textures in different areas of the image. An image that doesn’t give up all its secrets in the first moments of viewing that can keep the viewers interest again and again.
  • Depth - Scenes that have a sense of depth attract me. I do my best to transfer this three dimensional depth into the two dimensional realm of the photograph. This makes photograph seem to transcend the two dimensions by allowing the viewer to feel the depth it helps to draw the viewer into the frame.
  • Emotion - While I like to use detail to retain a viewers interest and keep them coming back to the image it is essential that something about the image gives an immediate emotional reaction on first viewing. Through subject, composition and light I immediately grab the viewers attention and draw them into the image.
  • Escape - When you break it down to the very basic concept a landscape photograph allows you to see something other than where and when you are. My aim is to use detail, depth and emotion to momentarily take the user away from where they are and to somewhere they can feel more relaxed and tranquil so they can return to reality calm but energized.
Service for Business We offer many special services for business customers including:
  • Discount for purchase of multiple pieces.
  • Onsite visit for image choice, finish and mounting choice recommendations. (For the Northern New Jersey Area)
  • Available for custom photographic commissions.
Schedule Consultation To find out more about Mark Robert Rogers Photography, to arrange an appointment for me come and show you my work as Metal Prints or for any other questions you may have please do not hesitate to call or email me. Please visit the Contact Me page for my details. Also see: Landscape Photography Portfolio -  Twenty of the images I feel best represent my landscape photography.