Product Photography

One of the services I provide is product photography. Including Individual product photographs, multiple product photographs, tabletop scenes, photographs of models using/holding product.

Files can be provided in various file types and resolutions including features such as layered Photoshop files and transparent background

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and to get information on pricing and procedure.

Casual lifestyle photos of models with product

Case Study - Cococare

Over the last few years I been providing product photography for Cococare in Dover, New Jersey. The company has been making Health and Beauty Aids containing Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil and essential oils for over 50 years.

Their website has a clean white look. All the product photographs I make for them have a plain white background. This allows them to have a consistent look across all the photos in their product area that focuses on the product packaging with the distraction of different backgrounds on the products.

The images need to be provided so they easily include the photos of the product in things such as print advertisements, banners on their website, online ads and social media. I supply them with smaller web sized images with transparent backgrounds and also higher resolution layered Photoshop files. This allows the products to be added to different colored back ground and combined together easily during the graphic design process.

In order to make seasonal images for use on social media, I have also photographed table top scenes that include various products with other objects and decorations on a variety of backgrounds.

Photographs of individual products by Mark Rogers Product Photography Include product photograps in advertisments easily with transparent PNG or layered Photoshop files