Creative Portraiture

One of my favorite types of work is surreal composites, where I mix photographs of the client/model either using it to add multiple poses of one person to the same scene or to put the client model in a surreal scene, the possibilities of capturing the essence of you are endless.

Talk to me about the mood or concept you are looking for and we can create a photoshoot that works best for you.

If you would like to discuss about ideas for photoshoots, options, availability or pricing please contact me.

Some of my previous surreal artwork with models and friends is available for sale as wall art and other products. Check out these images to see some of the possibilities this technique allows.

COVID Isolation Personality Fragmentation

Covid Isolation is now a major cause of Personality Fragmentation in many nations of the world.

Winner of the "Best Experimental" Award at the Scott Church 14th Annual Legacy Gallery Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania January 2021

Military Calculus

Military Calculus - Differentiating Soldier Integrating Citizen

The stresses of the life of a veteran integrating into civilian life